HCP Marketing, Part 2: Healthcare Content Development + Healthcare Content Marketing Examples

This is part 2 of a 3-part blog series all about HCP marketing. Part 1 reviews segmentation and messaging, this part reviews content development, and part 3 covers content promotion and optimization.

Now that you have figured out who you want to talk to, it’s time to decide on what you’ll say to them. This requires creating content that captures your audience’s attention and resonates with them.

Want a quick overview on effective HCP marketing?


Marketing to Doctors: A Quick Guide

First – Choose Your CTA

Many marketers get so swept up in campaign design and overarching messaging that they forget the most important thing: picking the right call to action (CTA).

Your marketing campaigns won’t succeed without the right offer. Remember, no one wants to “get a demo” or “talk to a salesperson” (at least not right away). You need to start off with engaging content and education materials. And that means more than just clinical studies or technical white papers.

Once you have the doc’s attention, capture them with a brief, truthful, and relevant message.

Healthcare Content Marketing Examples: CTAs

At gC, we define the call to action as not just the button action, but also the offer for the prospect. Here are a few examples of healthcare content marketing that we have deployed in the past that feature a form and CTA button:

CTA Example 1:

The Cooperative of American Physicians provides malpractice insurance to physicians in California. This content campaign offered a comprehensive guide plus a printable checklist to help physicians and healthcare leaders evaluate their risk exposure and explore risk reduction strategies.

CTA Example 2:

Fusion Anesthesia provides medical billing and accounting services specifically for anesthesiologists. The 2018 tax reform bill significantly impacted high earners such as anesthesiologists, so this content campaign summarized everything they needed to know regarding their personal and business tax filings.

CTA Example 3:

Lendeavor provides dental practice and equipment loans. This content campaign was a guide to help dentists understand all the components of buying and selling their practices.

Then – Decide on a Content Topic

The goal is to create content that is enticing enough that doctors want to give up their contact information to access it. If you don’t already have some content, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • How your product/solution benefits a specific target segment
  • What makes your solution unique (aka, your secret sauce)
  • Third-party validation
  • Case studies
  • Generalized use cases
  • Topical news that’s relevant to your audience
  • Answers to common questions

Finally – Pick a Format

Once you have picked your topic, consider how you want to deliver the information to prospects. Certain formats work better for certain purposes and target audiences (we go into more detail in our comprehensive marketing to doctors eBook).

  • eBooks
  • White papers
  • Webinars
  • Blog posts
  • Interactive tools
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics

Healthcare Content Marketing Examples: Content Formats

At gC we are big fans of eBooks because they allow us to generate a lot of content in smaller formats (we have plenty to share if you’re interested). Here is an example of one eBook as well as other content that we have created for our healthcare clients.

Content Example 1: eBook

Elation Health offers a modern electronic health record (EHR) system. This eBook provided an overview of how healthcare has changed over the last few years and included guidance on how embracing the right technology (such as EHRs) could help practices flourish.

Content Example 2: Quiz

Fusion Anesthesia provides medical billing and accounting services specifically for anesthesiologists. This content campaign was a multiple-choice quiz that helped anesthesiologists grade the quality of their billing provider (and determine if it’s time to switch).

Content Example 3: Calculator

Cambridge Brain Sciences offers an online cognitive assessment platform called CBS Health. Since the assessment can be billed to insurance, this campaign focused on estimating the reimbursement and potential ROI of implementing this assessment solution based on clinical specialty.

Now we have seen some strong healthcare content marketing examples . . .

With a better understanding of how to develop content and the different formats we can use, it’s time to start promoting it.

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