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HCP Advertising, Part 5: Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Providers

This is the final installment of our 5-part series about HCP advertising and marketing. Part 1 covers healthcare marketing segmentation for your target audiences. Part 2 explains how to create good content, followed by part 3, which discusses the best platforms to use to promote said content. Finally, we round out the series with part […]

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ENT Advertising: Digital Marketing to Otolaryngologists & Otorhinolaryngologists (ENTs)

Marketing to healthcare providers (HCPs) is always a challenge. Competition is fierce and big pharma companies in particular have astronomical budgets. In the case of marketing to ENTs, it’s even more challenging.  There’s less than 10,000 ENTs in the US. And more than 330 million other people who aren’t ENTs. So you really have to […]

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Cardiology Advertising: Digital Marketing to Cardiologists

Competition for attention when marketing to healthcare provides (HCPs) is fierce. Big pharma companies have astronomical budgets, making it easy for them to outbid and outspend any competition. For companies whose pockets may not be quite so deep, the key to successful HCP marketing is highly specific audience targeting and messaging. In the case of […]

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Marketing to Doctors, Part 5: Measuring and Optimizing Results

Updated January 2023 with the latest statistics. For others in the series click here. I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: Marketing to Doctors is Expensive. Blame big pharma. If you’re not doing everything you can to measure and optimize your ad-buy, you’re not doing enough. Track Based on the Best Metric You Have […]

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Dermatology Advertising: Digital Marketing to Dermatologists

When it comes to healthcare provider (HCP) marketing, the competition to earn attention is fierce—so the more specific you can get with audience targeting and messaging, the better. As we’ve said before: doctors are busy, big pharma can (and will) outspend you, and everyone wants a piece of the market revenue pie. So, for creating […]

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Marketing to Doctors, Part 4: Lead Generation

Updated January 2023 with the latest statistics. For others in the series click here. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, there are just over 1 million active physicians in the United States and they are nearly evenly divided between specialists and primary care providers. The population of the US is ~335 million, so one of […]

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Content Marketing to Doctors

Marketing to Doctors, Part 3: Content Marketing

Updated January 2023 with the latest statistics. For others in the series click here.   You’ve steeled yourself to the uphill battle of getting the attention of the medical community and figuring out which specialists, practice size/type, and geographies that you want to target with your oh-so-wired-message…the next step is actually going to market. Want […]

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Marketing to Doctors Segmentation

Marketing to Doctors, Part 2: Messaging & Segmentation

“Doctors” is a pretty broad category. Unless you want a generic message and poor segmentation, you need to think about physicians in a much more detailed manner. The second of a five part series on marketing to doctors.

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