Best Platforms for B2B Marketing: The Top 3 Paid Platforms and When to Use Them

To be successful at B2B marketing, you need to test—a lot. There is no clear-cut answer as to how, where, or how much you should spend marketing your products. Ultimately, it will depend on your audience: where they lurk on the internet and how they engage with your campaigns. There is no single best strategy […]

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healthcare IT marketing - header

Healthcare IT Marketing Strategies: Finding and Targeting the Right Audience

Healthcare IT Marketing Strategies: Finding and Targeting the Right Audience There is no denying that marketing in healthcare is challenging. Between meeting compliance regulations and targeting the right decision-makers, it can be hard to get any product or service the exposure it deserves. glassCanopy focuses on reaching doctors and healthcare executives, we don’t really know […]

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Buffer vs Hootsuite

Buffer vs Hootsuite: The Social Media Scheduling Showdown

Anyone who uses social media understands that your brand is only as relevant as your most recent post. It is important for companies to post regularly to ensure that they are on their customer’s radar as they scroll through their streams/newsfeeds/timelines daily. However, requiring some poor individual to stay glued to a device to post […]

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Trailer Treasure: Hollywood’s Clever Drip Marketing Strategy

These days, you can follow a movie’s production schedule for months or even years before it’s released. Director and casting rumors, set photos, interviews with the right entertainment magazines and websites, social media campaigns — no rock is left unturned for a movie that wants to build incredible anticipation. However, there’s one movie-marketing tool in particular […]

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Twitter’s New Targeting Feature: Tailored Audiences

Back in December, Twitter launched a new feature that they don’t seem to be promoting much called Tailored Audiences. In fact, it’s almost like they’re hiding it.[1]  It’s totally killer though; content marketers everywhere should be thinking about how to best incorporate it into their distribution strategy. Targeted Audiences are Passé Now, Tailored Audiences are […]

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LinkedIn’s Blogging Platform: Should You Use It?

Yesterday, LinkedIn announced that the in-app blogging platform they initially launched to just a small set of influencers, will now become available to all LinkedIn users over the next few weeks. Should you jump in and start using the new LinkedIn blogging platform? Probably not. Opening up the blogging platform to all users certainly makes […]

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Social Employees: Everyone’s Job is Social Media Marketing

In these days of social media-fueled marketing, companies should expect their employees to be active users of social media — both for themselves, and as ambassadors for the company. And, likewise, employees should now see this as an inherent job requirement. Cheryl and Mark Burgess, authors of recently published, The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social […]

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How to Use Hashtags

Tonight part.2 #tryingnewclothes #girlsonfire #wegonnarockthis #party #dominoes #white #black… http://t.co/k7LtTLU6nk — ivanatheresiakaw (@ygyeevana) December 6, 2013 Off to work! #work #suitelifeofelikrause #hotellife #twerkinghardorhardlytwerking #selfiesunday http://t.co/2LTbZCtk2B — Eli Krause (@elijahjames123) January 12, 2014 Count ’em. That’s 6 heads. SIX! #christmasinfebrewary #soexcitedjustcanthideit http://t.co/BKNKHRl4zx — Bellwoods Brewery (@bellwoodsbeer) February 22, 2013 Everywhere you look, hashtagged social media content […]

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Vimeo vs YouTube

If you’re considering where to host your company’s videos, we recommend both Vimeo and YouTube! Why YouTube SEO is not an exact science and subject to constantly changing rules and algorithms, but YouTube is owned by Google, so it’s a good bet that it will continue to be weighted heavily for SEO purposes.  Plus, most […]

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B2B Content Marketing: A How-To Guide

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