B2B Lead Generation Services

Content and lead generation for complex B2B sales

Enterprise Software, Healthcare, IT infrastructure, and Cybersecurity
Target your audience

Target your audience

Most people in the world don't know or care about your brand. You made peace with that a long time ago. Let us reach the .1% of the population you DO care about. We're really good at it.

Generate quality leads

Generate quality leads

We can help you develop the assets and campaigns that your prospects care about. Your sales team doesn't need a LOT of leads. It needs the RIGHT leads. We'll work with you to assess and qualify the right leads that lead to actual revenue.

Turn them into customers

Turn them into customers

Marketing is now responsible for up to 80% of the sales process. We partner with you to deliver the analytics, marketing automation, and lead nurturing to close the long sale... faster.

Marketing is about revenue.

Marketing is no longer about a pretty logo and some brochures. Sales are being made (or lost) before a salesperson even knows a prospect exists. The new marketing metric is revenue.

We deliver marketing campaigns that drive awareness, leads, and ultimately sales.

We made up just one of these testimonials:

Jessica Schieve

Senior Director of Portfolio Marketing / Wind River

I was doubtful that anyone outside our offices could write compelling in-depth eBooks about our products because they’re so technical. glassCanopy consistently nails it.

Garry Hoffman

VP of Sales / 3 HTi

glassCanopy has pushed us from the very beginning to focus on the value of the opportunities they generate rather than relying on feel-good metrics of the past.

Vera Zlidenny

VP of Marketing / PipelineRx

glassCanopy found our target audiences of C-Suite, IT decision makers, and Pharmacy Directors at large health organizations with remarkable accuracy.

Jane Bigshot


glassCanopy gave me so many leads that our sales grew exponentially. We think they are magic. Like Rainbow Unicorn Sparkly Kittens.

Thierry Costa

VP Marketing / ExaProtect

glassCanopy was critical in helping us absorb a key acquisition while simultaneously launching a new product.

Gerard Moore

CEO / Phoenix

We are simply delighted with the relationship between glassCanopy and Phoenix.

Christel Grizaut

VP Marketing / Akeneo

glassCanopy manages multiple PPC/SEM campaigns for us and works closely with our field marketing managers for localization and execution around the world. Their deep understanding of our strategy and target audience has been critical to optimize our campaign ROI.