Marketing Cybersecurity

Marketing Cybersecurity Industry Outlook: 22 Stats for 2022

The cybersecurity industry is experiencing a shift. A flood of funding has driven up costs and made talent scarce, all while increasing C-suite expectations. However, economic uncertainty is freezing hiring and causing layoffs. To help you get a better idea of the marketing cybersecurity industry outlook, we’ve rounded up a bunch of stats. Want our […]

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lead generation for B2B - header

Lead Generation for B2B: Expert Tips and Tricks

Lead generation is at the core of B2B marketing. Getting a potential customer’s contact information is the main goal. Gathering and nurturing those leads is why marketing agencies exist. It’s our job to offer just enough information to potential consumers that they are interested and want more. Whether you offer resources, services, or demos – […]

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Content Marketing: New Content Marketing Strategies for 2017

Generating content has become the key strategy in marketing over the past few years. All brands and organizations strive to create quality content that will be shared, discussed, and (ideally) lead to increased sales. How content marketing works: Create demand – Brands/organizations create and promote (what they believe is) memorable content to their target audiences. […]

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B2B Content Marketing: A How-To Guide

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