Giving Back at glassCanopy

glassCanopy sponsored 20 Food Banks in 2020

glassCanopy is approaching our 20th year in business. This is a milestone any organization should savor and one which has a particular magnitude as the pandemic decimates companies across the globe. We haven’t been immune to the many economic difficulties of the past eight months but nor have we had to lay anyone off.

So we approached Thanksgiving with particular gratitude and the knowledge that giving thanks and giving back is more important than ever. For 2020, we’re giving 1% of our adjusted gross revenue to food banks to help out the many people more adversely impacted by this pandemic than us.

In an acknowledgment that we wouldn’t be in this position without the support of our clients, employees, and partners we’ve sponsored 20 local food banks in the various regions of the US and Europe where they are located.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Rich Quarles

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