Millennials: Personal Branding Since Birth

Millennials get called out. A lot. In fact, “millennial” is almost a curse word these days. It’s become a signifier of petty, narcissistic behavior and an entitled attitude that’s apparent in our obsessive use of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. “No,” our elders say, “Not everyone wants to know you went to that ceviche restaurant again. […]

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Social Employees: Everyone’s Job is Social Media Marketing

In these days of social media-fueled marketing, companies should expect their employees to be active users of social media — both for themselves, and as ambassadors for the company. And, likewise, employees should now see this as an inherent job requirement. Cheryl and Mark Burgess, authors of recently published, The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social […]

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How to Use Hashtags

Tonight part.2 #tryingnewclothes #girlsonfire #wegonnarockthis #party #dominoes #white #black… — ivanatheresiakaw (@ygyeevana) December 6, 2013 Off to work! #work #suitelifeofelikrause #hotellife #twerkinghardorhardlytwerking #selfiesunday — Eli Krause (@elijahjames123) January 12, 2014 Count ’em. That’s 6 heads. SIX! #christmasinfebrewary #soexcitedjustcanthideit — Bellwoods Brewery (@bellwoodsbeer) February 22, 2013 Everywhere you look, hashtagged social media content […]

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B2B Content Marketing: A How-To Guide

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