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12 Years a Slave: Perspective is Everything

Is it possible to feel overwhelming empathy for an experience you’ve never had? 12 Years a Slave is the harrowing account of Solomon Northup, a free black man who was captured and sold into slavery in the 1840’s.  Solomon’s narrative ­— and the stories of those with whom he travels — unfolds through bravura performances, […]

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Twitter’s New Targeting Feature: Tailored Audiences

Back in December, Twitter launched a new feature that they don’t seem to be promoting much called Tailored Audiences. In fact, it’s almost like they’re hiding it.[1]  It’s totally killer though; content marketers everywhere should be thinking about how to best incorporate it into their distribution strategy. Targeted Audiences are Passé Now, Tailored Audiences are […]

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Are Infographics Effective? Your Brain says “Yes”

Everyone loves a good infographic. Complex information translated into a visually compelling, easily digestible little information snack? Hard to top. So are infographics effective? Yes. But those informative little eye candies often take a deceptive amount of time, effort, and expense to create. Why make an infographic when you could simply use a bulleted list and/or […]

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