Vimeo vs YouTube

If you’re considering where to host your company’s videos, we recommend both Vimeo and YouTube!

Why YouTube


SEO is not an exact science and subject to constantly changing rules and algorithms, but YouTube is owned by Google, so it’s a good bet that it will continue to be weighted heavily for SEO purposes.  Plus, most users will have the YouTube app installed on their mobile devices so viewing YouTube videos is always easy.

We recommend that you host your videos at YouTube for SEO insurance and any-device reliability.

Why Vimeo


Presentation is always important and Vimeo has a much more attractive look and a cleaner, easier-to-use, interface than YouTube– without the ads. You’re allowed to customize the player in more ways, use HD, and your branding can be used more prominently.

Think of all the effort that has been put into your company’s video. That effort is supported by the Vimeo environment. Vimeo hosted videos can be embedded and display well on most mobile devices.

We recommend that you use Vimeo to host your primary showcase videos – whether linked or embedded. They just look better.

Vimeo vs YouTube:


  • SEO Potential
  • Player Ubiquity


  • Attractive presentation
  • High Quality

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