project management

What It Takes To Be a Great Project Manager

Everyone on a job cherishes a fantastic project manager. They are able to balance strong, project-driven leadership with empathetic support for the team. These days, anyone can benefit by thinking like a project manager. Here are the characteristics that the best project managers possess. 1. They are natural born leaders. It doesn’t require much effort […]

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Four Agreements in Project Management

The other day, I had a classic producer meltdown. As much as I pride myself on my pragmatism, this still happens every once in a while. Everything was going perfectly. The project plan was in place, the schedule was manageable, the resources were allotted, and our client and we were aligned. Then…things changed. Over the […]

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3 Keys to a Great Creative Brief

A great creative brief is a vital document that should be produced for every marketing project. Much like the importance of a great kickoff meeting, a creative brief is a critical step that sets a project up for success and offers guiding principles. The Creative Compass The brief acts as a compass for the team […]

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