Sublime Text: A Review & 5 Cool Features

A quick internet search will reveal the growing popularity of Sublime Text 2.   There are a lot of good code editors out there, so why is this one on so many favorites lists?  It’s feature rich, customizable, and extensible. Sublime Text 2 combines the most useful capabilities of all the other editors out there in […]

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The Elevator Pitch: Short and Sweet

With only moments to communicate what you do and leave a lasting impression, your “elevator pitch” can be a critical networking tool.  But, finding the balance of what to include and what not to include takes some honing. Below are some guidelines on how to successfully approach your elevator pitch: Engage them quickly First you have […]

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How to Use Hashtags

Tonight part.2 #tryingnewclothes #girlsonfire #wegonnarockthis #party #dominoes #white #black… — ivanatheresiakaw (@ygyeevana) December 6, 2013 Off to work! #work #suitelifeofelikrause #hotellife #twerkinghardorhardlytwerking #selfiesunday — Eli Krause (@elijahjames123) January 12, 2014 Count ’em. That’s 6 heads. SIX! #christmasinfebrewary #soexcitedjustcanthideit — Bellwoods Brewery (@bellwoodsbeer) February 22, 2013 Everywhere you look, hashtagged social media content […]

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Editing with Microsoft Word: Git ‘Er Done!

Anyone who’s worked extensively on copy knows how tough it can be to track the changes made to the piece, who made the changes, and when the changes were made. Luckily, Microsoft Word has some pretty nifty features that make tracking changes simple. Up in the “Review” pane of Microsoft Word 2011 and higher, there […]

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The Importance of Good Kickoff Meetings

To kickoff, or not to kickoff, that is the question. Sometimes when a rush job comes in, the scope of the project is “small”, or the request seems pretty straightforward, the impulse is to just jump-in and get it cracking. This impulse should be ignored. When it comes to project management the outcome depends on […]

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When to Send Emails

Mornings are when people are trying to sift through a deluge of emails, midday is too close to lunchtime, early afternoon risks the post-lunch coma, late afternoon is too close to quitting time, the evening is spent doing anything but work, and the deep of night might as well be a black hole. Monday’s too […]

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B2B Content Marketing: A How-To Guide

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