Solo Art Show by Jess Lanham “What We May Find”

Jess Lanham art 1

“Untitled Beast.” Screenprinted dyes on silk.

Design beautiful and compelling work for our clients only? No way.

When glassCanopy’s art director Jess Lanham knocks off for the day, she goes to work on other important projects. Some of these are available for viewing (and buying) right now in her solo art show What We May Find, which opened July 2nd at Aspect Gallery in San Francisco.

Jess Lanham art 2

“Climbing Up the Mountain.” Screenprinted dyes and bleach on silk.

Jess Lanham art 4

“Climbing Up the Mountain” detail.

What We May Find explores detritus and industrial imagery through prints produced on a number of mediums, including printing on silk.

“I’m interested in how materials and artifacts collect and accumulate debris, and the new forms they assume over time,” said Lanham.

“As these objects disintegrate, they also evolve. And their moment in time becomes ambiguous, blurring the subtle distinctions between our world and a potential new world.”

Jess Lanham art 3

“Disclets.” Screenprinted dyes and bleach on silk.

Jess Lanham art 5

Various etchings.

Jess Lanham art 7

“Near the Water.” Two plate photo etching and white wash, aquatint.

When gallery owner and curator Lon Richter saw her work, he says he was taken by the “sublime post-industrial character of [her] imagineered silks and print work.”

We agree. Her pieces are both arresting and ethereal; a delicate juxtaposition of hard and soft incisively woven throughout. Just like our girl.

Jess Lanham art 6

Artist Jess Lanham.

If you’re in the Bay Area, you’ll want to drop in soon. What We May Find is scheduled to run through mid-August.

Aspect Gallery and Framing is located at 731 Polk St. The shop is open Tuesday-Saturday, by appointment only.

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