How to Run a Great Kickoff Meeting

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As we learned in What Happens in Vagueness Stays in Vagueness the kickoff meeting is critical for a successful project.  No matter how complex or simple, how large or small, the kickoff meeting is important.

Keys to a great kickoff meeting:

  1. Make sure someone from each discipline attends.
  2. Define project scope and goals.
  3. Prepare a list of the deliverables.
  4. Include the delivery date and timeline if possible.
  5. Estimate the number of hours for each resource
  6. Confirm roles and responsibilities.
  7. Leave the meeting asking your team to estimate hours required to complete the project, and make sure they are within budget or adjust the scope.

A Great Kickoff Meeting Shouldn’t Take More than 30 minutes

If the project is large or complex you may need to break the kickoff into two parts:

  1. Introducing the project, the general scope and goals.
  2. Making decisions once the team has brainstormed.

Kickoff a project in person whenever possible or have a video call with screen sharing if that is not possible.  Voice-only calls are never as successful as in-person in transmitting key ideas and ensuring that everyone is aligned.

Melanie Barter

Melanie is an executive producer with a creative background in film, digital and marketing. She is originally from Toronto and has worked in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. She has been in San Francisco since 2004.

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