How Often Should A Company Send Emails?

There are two major kinds of emails companies send:

Newsletters: These emails collect recent and upcoming company events, activity and updates in a regularly scheduled place.

Announcements: These one-offs are for landmark events, like a new website, a product launch, a new partnership, or limited-time discounts.

Newsletters are an easy way for potential customers to see everything that’s happened with your company in one place. Their frequency depends on how quickly your company is developing. A monthly newsletter is usually appropriate for companies with established products and brands. Rapidly developing companies with large amounts of information to share should consider a bimonthly schedule.

Companies need a regular schedule for their newsletters. Without consistency, an email list will quickly forget they’ve signed up for notifications. This leads to high spam complaint rates, a high number of unsubscribe requests, and other negative consequences. For tips on keeping your email list clean and avoiding these pitfalls, read When Email Addresses Go Stale by the staff at Mailchimp.

too much spam

Announcement emails are more likely to grab the attention of a reader, but should be spaced out judiciously. There are no absolute rules about what does and does not warrant an announcement, aside from a gut feeling. In general, following your instincts is the best way to do this.

Remember, don’t send so many emails that your recipients feel bombarded.  They’re not as invested in your company or your products as you are. The best email strategies maintain a careful balance between keeping recipients informed, letting recipients feel your communication load is manageable and useful, and keeping them from hitting the spam button.

What does your company’s email campaign look like? Disagree with our recommendations? Let us hear about it in the comments.

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