Pooping Unicorns & Niche B2B Marketing

All right, so I’m apparently behind the rest of the world on this whole “unicorn-pooping-ice-cream-squatty-potty” phenomenon. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, spend two minutes watching this awesomeness:

Worth two minutes of your life.

Best commercial ever?

This commercial by the Harmon Brothers is not just amusing; it has boosted sales of a cheap-looking $30 stool to well above $15 million as of December 2015. Twenty-five percent of the views were paid/promoted ads; the rest were organic. That’s pretty impressive.

What’s your point?

It’s the end of the week so hopefully you got a laugh out of the video. But this is glassCanopy’s blog… so where’s the Niche B2B Marketing angle?

The Niche B2B Marketing Angle

Let’s say that you’ve got a product or service that people aren’t thinking about, actively searching for, or talking to other people about at cocktail parties.


Maybe your product or service is inherently kind of dull (but useful).


Perhaps you should consider taking a humorous, even outrageous approach, to kick-start interest? If you’re like most of our clients, you don’t need to try and reach a mass-market of 20 million viewers, you just need to hit your (much smaller) niche audience.


An inside-joke that only industry-types get might be really effective. So might vilifying a perceived antagonist of your audience… like insurance companies or regulatory hassles when marketing to doctors… or a hated monopolist supplier when marketing to tech buyers.


This pooping unicorn is thinking, deeply, about niche B2B marketing.


You don’t necessarily need a video — any kind of campaign that challenges the status quo, makes people smile, and is really, really different could do the trick. And because you’re marketing a niche B2B product, you can utilize all your normal highly focused targeting tricks to make sure you’re only putting your ads in front of the right people.


A humorous approach like this takes a huge amount of guts, because it goes against the instinctive conservatism of most B2B executives. However as the poopin’ unicorn shows, sometimes guts and self-effacing humor can really pay off.


Want to throw around some ideas on promoting your hard-to-describe product to a hard-to-reach audience? Contact us and let’s shoot the shit.

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