Need Creative Inspiration? Bookmark These Art Blogs

Inspiration is crucial to creation. My favorite way to get inspired is by going to an art gallery, museum or site-specific installation. However, we know all too well that getting out and getting off the computer isn’t always possible. So, sometimes when I need a creative boost, I like to hit up some of my favorite art blogs. Which are about to become your favorite art blogs.


The two things I love about this blog so much are: 1) Christopher Jobson (founder) actively seeks out work that is both unique, yet accessible to any viewer not engaged in art criticism. 2) Nearly all the work presented is polished and well executed. Not every idea is conceptually deep; however, the presentation is always considered.


art21Art 21

I discovered Art 21, a non-profit organization, through their short-format documentary series featured on PBS. I love that each documentary offers a nice behind-the-scenes glimpse into the work of artists. Rather than focusing just on the final product, the viewer gets to tap into the process and conceptual thinking that goes into the work.

The Fox is Black

The Fox is Black is a very well designed blog that presents its content in a clean and considered manner that delights my design sensibilities. It showcases a range of work from design, art, music, and film. And it offers fun weekly projects such as The Desktop Wallpaper Project, which features great desktop backgrounds.



Booooooom is a great Tumblr blog that comprises a broad range of work on photography, music and film, curated almost completely via fellow Tumblr blogs. I really enjoy the weekly best of Instagram, which features top images from contributor’s Instagram accounts.



Veering in a slightly different direction from the more visually driven curations of Colossal, The Fox is Black, and Boooooom — Hyperallergic features compelling work and critical thought pieces on the art world. Their well-written articles have been featured in New York Times, The Washington Post and The Guardian.



Doodlers Anonymous

As an avid doodler, I have to include one great doodling blog! One of my favorite things about doodling (both the act and the end product) is the fluidity and carefree nature of the doodles. It’s the opposite of polished work; so, you catch a glimpse into the artist’s raw, creative mind.


mmmMy Modern Met

My Modern Met is described as “one big city where we [can] celebrate creative ideas.” I agree. My Modern Met has such a broad range of work — from whimsical installations to curious cheetah photographs — that it’s never less than engaging and dynamic. 


beautifuldecayBeautiful Decay

Beautiful Decay has an excellent range of work featuring both small and big time artists. They specifically focus on work that is arresting, grotesque and eerie. Whether that’s your thing or not, it’s a compelling way to see beauty differently.

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