Marketing Tech Landscape 2016: MarTech Overload

Have you seen the Marketing Technology Landscape 2016 Edition?

Marketing Tech Landscape Supergraphic 2016 from ChiefMartech

If you’ve ever felt like you just can’t keep up with all of the developments in marketing technology, it’s not you. It’s not that you’re not working hard enough. It’s not that you’re not reading the trades, going to the conferences, listening to your partners, and sitting through demos. It’s just that there’s too many damn tools out there. No one can keep up.

Scott Brinker rolled out the 2016 version of his infamous “MarTech Landscape Supergraphic” this week. It includes 3,874 solutions. An 87% increase over last year. That’s insane. Read his full blog post if you haven’t already.

What’s more insane is the overall growth in solutions the sector has recorded since Scott started this project….

Image from Chiefmartech

The great culling is coming.

I have many good friends in Martech startups and I hope for the best for each and every one of them but…. this is crazy-town. The proliferation of Martech tools is not just painful on the eyeballs, it makes my brain hurt.

I don’t know of a single marketing professional that is looking to add more tools to their technology stack. Do you?

Integration: the magic feature

I’m all for innovation, but I’m also pretty big on productivity. If you want to sell me (or my agency) another tool, not only does it need to do something that no other tool we’re using already does, it had better also replace another tool we’re using.

We’re not looking to expand our technology stack with yet another isolated point solution, but rather to refine our current solutions and build an integrated end-to-end process.

Hopefully we’ll start to see some additional changes in the industry to support this approach with major consolidation (including big buyouts for my friends please).

Does anyone want to bet on the size of the 2017 Edition of the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic?

Rich Quarles

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