The Importance of Good Kickoff Meetings

To kickoff, or not to kickoff, that is the question.

Sometimes when a rush job comes in, the scope of the project is “small”, or the request seems pretty straightforward, the impulse is to just jump-in and get it cracking.

This impulse should be ignored. When it comes to project management the outcome depends on the beginning. Any job, big or small, deserves a proper kick-off with the entire team. It is a valuable part of the process. and should never be skipped. Take the necessary time to coordinate a meeting, even if it’s time you think you don’t have. That time will be made up in efficiencies and profitability down the road.

Being clear and focused from the get-go is the best way to begin a project. Importance of a good kick offAmbiguity will always undermine a project’s potential and limit its success. Nothing beats clarity when it comes to executing a project well.

Well-run kickoff meetings set projects up to thrive:

  • Surface and discuss the details.
  • Ensure that the team asks questions and gets answers.
  • Require that everyone confirm their understanding of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Work toward agreement on overall project scope and approach.

There will be projects where a kickoff might seem unnecessary or a poor use of  time, but after years of experience, I can promise you that haste truly does make waste.

So, take the 20 minutes, the hour, or the day that it takes to set up a project well. You, your team, and your clients will appreciate it.

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