Google Analytics 360 vs. Google Analytics Standard: Which is Right for Your Company?

Google Analytics 360 vs. Google Analytics Standard: Which is Right for Your Company

What is the difference between Google Analytics Standard and Google Analytics 360 (formerly known as Google Analytics Premium), and which one should your company be using?

The free standard version of Google Analytics is used by millions of businesses. This flexible and powerful analytics package has done wonders in measuring and improving the online presence and marketing efforts of many companies.

But does your organization need to upgrade to Google Analytics 360? To understand which is best for your company, you’ll need to consider a few factors.

1. What is the value of your website?

The first thing you should know right away is that “Google Analytics 360” costs a whopping $150,000/year.

Still with me? Ok, if that didn’t make you close your browser window, read on…

2. How many hits do you get per month?

Google Analytics 360 is mostly used by large companies and big e-commerce sites with more than 10 million hits per month. Hits can be page views, transactions, events…basically, any information sent in the query string _utm.gif.

Businesses that exceed 10 million hits per month, and do not use Google Analytics 360 will need to sample their data. If your organization exceeds 10 million hits per month and sampling your data is unacceptable, then you should consider Google Analytics 360.

3. How far back do you need to access your data?

Google Analytics Standard only stores data for 25 months. If your business requires longer data storage, you might consider using Google Analytics 360. With 360, you’ll be able to store 36 months worth of data.

See a side-by-side comparison

If you can’t quite make a decision based on your website value, number of hits and your data storage, it may help to see a side-by-side comparison.

Google Analytics 360 vs. Google Analytics standard


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