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salad club resizeAt some point last fall, Jessica and I agreed we wanted to be a bit more healthy and not go out for take-away lunch every day. We thought making lunch at the office would be a good way to take this on. I started by bringing in stuff from my veggie box and Jess brought in nice cheese, lentils and other heartier items.

In a very short time, we realized we loved taking the break from work, prepping food in the kitchen, and getting inspired by the flavors we brought in. We took great delight in getting creative and improvising our daily salad. We were always amazed at where we ended up and found it super satisfying.

As kind of a joke, we officially named it “Salad Club” and now we do it all the time. It has become a high-point of our day and now we do our best to eat away from our desks and appreciate our efforts. Of course, the temptation to push through lunch or eat while plugging away at things is still there; but the rewards are so obvious that we do our darndest to avoid that. It reminds me of a story Grandfather used to tell me about how important it is to “sharpen your saw.”

I love that what started out as a measure to be more healthy has turned into something creative and more rewarding than we expected. We love that every day we’re surprised and excited by our culinary exploration. The fact that this is a great habit to cultivate was not the driver, but it has certainly become an amazing bonus AND a creative way to keep fueling productivity in the office.

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