Thirteen Web Design and Tech Blogs Web Producers Should Be Reading

These are some of my favorite blogs to watch.  Am I missing anything great?  Let me know!


An oldie but a goodie… “News for nerds…”

Nice bite-sized pieces of internet news.
There is always something interesting here.

Another classic, packed with science, technology, and gadgets.

The Register
“El Reg” is cheeky, sassy, snarky, and low-brow… yet classy.

The new site from the team that produced the now defunct AllthingsD.

Popular technology and science news / blog.

Web Design:

Runs the gamut of design, css, user interface, standards… great place to keep an eye on.

This guy runs, a treasure trove of useful snippets, and a site I’ve found useful more than once.
This site is just fun to peruse.  Full of trends and cool downloads and neat apps.
More of a collection of tutorials than a blog, covering all aspects of web design and development.
Covers design as well as coding, graphics, user interface, and more.

Another very popular design magazine – always a fun read.

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