The five tools a web developer can’t live without

Just what are the five tools a web developer can’t live without?

Well besides love, food, water, and sleep…

  1. An editor you love. Back in the old days, we used Dreamweaver. Integration with Photoshop, a built-in preview of what your code would look like, and a multi user management system for non git or svn users made it the bees knees. Even though Dreamweaver is now considered a bit of a dinosaur, it still has a few tools and capabilities that come in very handy in some situations. Some people I know still swear by vi (or Vim). I’ve been using the very popular Sublime Text 2 lately, and I love its many features such as multiple selections and batch editing, Goto Anything, split editing, snippets… the list goes on. The best tool for the job will always depend on the job of course. Pick your editor(s) accordingly!
  2. An image editor. The combination of Photoshop and Illustrator is the industry standard (and they have some nice bells and whistles) but if you’re going low budget then GIMP will work just fine.
  3. A tool to get your work from your local development environment to the server. Most will rely on an SFTP client, but some hosts are now offering the ability to push changes up with git, so you can have all in one versioning system and upload system. My favorite SFTP clients are Cyberduck and Filezilla. Both are kept current and Cyberduck I particularly like the S3 connectivity.
  4. A browser. You’ll need all the popular browsers for testing, but my favorite is Firefox for all the excellent web developer tool plugins and add ons. Chrome is popular for its developer tools and console.  Safari is even making a showing thanks to iOS.
  5. Browser emulators may be something you can live without, if you have a massive collection of devices or a dedicated QA testing service.  Otherwise, there are some timesaving emulators to add to your toolset, such as Browserstack or Sauce Labs.

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