Embedding YouTube Videos in WordPress

I love making my blog posts as dynamic as possible. Often, that means I want to include a video. Maybe it’s a tutorial I love, or perhaps it’s a song that’s extremely relevant to my topic. Regardless, including on-topic videos in your blog post can help you capture – and keep – your audience’s attention.

Speaking of which, here’s a three-minute YouTube video of people teaching puppies to howl. You’re welcome.

You’ll notice that my video is embedded, meaning you can watch it “inside” my blog post. In the not-so-distant past, you’d have to include a hyperlink to the video you wanted people to watch. But no longer! Now, you can integrate a video into your article’s content without sending people to a new page.

Now, let’s say that you’ve found the YouTube video that complements your blog post perfectly. Thankfully, embedding YouTube videos in WordPress is super simple for regular users.

Here I am on my video’s YouTube page, having decided to embed these adorable Golden Retriever pups into my latest blog post.


Every YouTube video has a “Share” option beneath it.


Clicking on that “Share” button displays various social channels you can use to share the content.


To get the code you’ll need to embed your video, click “Embed”. A small dialogue box will pop up, with your embed code pre-written. Thanks YouTube!


From there, it’s a simple matter of pasting the code into your web content.

Here, you see my WordPress article awaiting its video breathlessly, like a website that hasn’t been exercising much over the last year and just ran for three miles and needs to stretch before it develops a cramp in its IP address. (You don’t know my website’s life.)


To paste the code, I need to switch from the “Visual” editor to the “Text” editor. This allows me to make edits and additions to the post’s HTML, a functionality you don’t get with the Visual editor.


Now, I paste the code snippet in the spot where I want the video to appear.


Et voila! Once I’ve saved the changes to my post, the embedded video will show up in my post, adding another level of interest to my content.

Totes adorbs. Totes.

Totes adorbs. Totes.


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