Does glassCanopy use Freelancers?


gC designer, Jess, after winning annual croquet tournament.

Yes we do and we treat them like family.

Our freelancers are part of the gC group, not just folks for hire. We have a core team of writers, designers, strategists, and project managers who cover most tasks and responsibilities and bring in additional resources when the job requires it. If we need specialized expertise or need to scale up due to limited bandwidth we contract freelancers writers, designers, developers or whatever our task calls for. Our trusted, talented extended team allows us to be nimble and execute against almost any deliverable.

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Melanie Barter

Melanie is an executive producer with a creative background in film, digital and marketing. She is originally from Toronto and has worked in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. She has been in San Francisco since 2004.

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