What the Hell is… MDF?

Define MDF:

MDF stands for “Marketing Development Funds” sometimes known as “Co-op Funds”.

MDF is money provided by a manufacturer to their sales partners so that sales partners can market (and sell) the manufacturer’s stuff. It can be structured in a lot of different ways, but is usually structured so that the manufacturer covers part (but not all) of the total cost incurred by their sales partners for specific marketing initiatives.

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This post is the first of our ongoing What the Hell is… series defining and adding some useful context to common (and not so common) marketing acronyms and buzz words.

Rich Quarles

Rich Quarles

Rich is a marketing strategist focused primarily on startups, technology, and financial services. He has advised startups that have collectively returned almost $2 billion to founders and investors. Rich founded glassCanopy in 2001.
Rich Quarles

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