Opening and Working with newer CS files in older CS versions.

Help! InDesign’s CC spaceship can’t fly in my prehistoric InDesign CS4! When multiple designers work on a project, particularly when working with freelancers, a common issue is compatibility with different Adobe Creative Suite (CS) versions. The latest version of CS is the Creative Cloud (CC), which is a monthly subscription based version. As CS has […]

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Get off the Computer

One of the best pieces of advice for a creative block. As a designer, I get stuck in a design rut all too often. My usual go-to solution is to surf some of my favorite design blogs, hoping to feel the strike of inspiration that will solidify my idea into a design. Yet, it often doesn’t […]

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3 Tips for Leading a Successful Conference Call

Prepping for a conference call is much more than just scheduling an hour-long conversation; you need to be organized. You need to know the location of everything that could come up in conversation. You need to be aware of how much time you have scheduled and how quickly time is passing. And, most importantly, you […]

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The Importance of Good Kickoff Meetings

To kickoff, or not to kickoff, that is the question. Sometimes when a rush job comes in, the scope of the project is “small”, or the request seems pretty straightforward, the impulse is to just jump-in and get it cracking. This impulse should be ignored. When it comes to project management the outcome depends on […]

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