Opening and Working with newer CS files in older CS versions.

Help! InDesign’s CC spaceship can’t fly in my prehistoric InDesign CS4! When multiple designers work on a project, particularly when working with freelancers, a common issue is compatibility with different Adobe Creative Suite (CS) versions. The latest version of CS is the Creative Cloud (CC), which is a monthly subscription based version. As CS has […]

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Get off the Computer

One of the best pieces of advice for a creative block. As a designer, I get stuck in a design rut all too often. My usual go-to solution is to surf some of my favorite design blogs, hoping to feel the strike of inspiration that will solidify my idea into a design. Yet, it often doesn’t […]

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The Importance of Good Kickoff Meetings

To kickoff, or not to kickoff, that is the question. Sometimes when a rush job comes in, the scope of the project is “small”, or the request seems pretty straightforward, the impulse is to just jump-in and get it cracking. This impulse should be ignored. When it comes to project management the outcome depends on […]

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