What’s Your Type(face)? Serif vs. Sans Serif

Now that we’ve settled the difference between Font and Typeface, let’s clear up the confusion with serif and sans serif. So, what’s your type(face)? Serif A serif typeface is identifiable by small, decorative lines attached to the end of each letter or symbol. Typically, serif typefaces are used for printed works and for body copy. […]

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Print and Screen resolution: Myths and confusion explained.

DPI:Dots Per Inch – Printing PPI: Pixels Per Inch – on screen Web resolution, and pixel size Most traditional computer monitors have a screen resolution of 72 ppi. Many devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc.) have screens with a ppi that is theoretically higher; however, because 72 ppi is still the most common screen resolution, most […]

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Rights Managed vs. Royalty Free Images

When sourcing images for a project of any size, unless a client has provided specific images, stock images will often be purchased. The content of stock images can range from natural landscapes, staged scenes, infographics, famous locations and celebrities. Images with iconic nature such as celebrities or Disneyland are often only available under a Rights […]

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