Word vs. InDesign: Designing a template

We recommend building and delivering a template in Word only in cases where the document is relatively simple and will need to be edited by multiple people without familiarity or access to InDesign.  Below are just some of the reasons, design-wise, InDesign will prevail over Word. Microsoft Office Word is easily the most ubiquitous word […]

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Vector vs. Raster

When do you use an eps vs. pdf, vs. jpg or png? It all comes down to how the file is being used, but there are two main types of images: raster and vector. Raster Images A raster image is made up of pixels, the tiny squares that make up your computer screen and various […]

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Thirteen Web Design and Tech Blogs Web Producers Should Be Reading

These are some of my favorite blogs to watch.  Am I missing anything great?  Let me know! Technology: http://slashdot.org/ An oldie but a goodie… “News for nerds…” http://techcrunch.com/ Nice bite-sized pieces of internet news. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/blog There is always something interesting here. http://www.wired.com/ Another classic, packed with science, technology, and gadgets. http://theregister.co.uk “El Reg” is cheeky, […]

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Rights Managed vs. Royalty Free Images

When sourcing images for a project of any size, unless a client has provided specific images, stock images will often be purchased. The content of stock images can range from natural landscapes, staged scenes, infographics, famous locations and celebrities. Images with iconic nature such as celebrities or Disneyland are often only available under a Rights […]

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