Breaking Creative Road Blocks Through… Doodling

Each week at glassCanopy, we have a status meeting to share the progress on all of our client projects. I actually look forward to these meetings, partly because I get to check in with everyone and partly because I get to doodle.



I’m a doodler, always have been; my note taking happens on stiffer archival paper, not college-ruled. Doodling is a good way to keep my creative side whirring while also getting project management updates. It’s a twofer.

My doodles can often influence my designs; so, sometimes before a meeting is over, I’ve solved a design challenge without even realizing it.

These doodles influenced my design for an Arcade Fire t-shirt contest I worked on. I had been struggling with the direction of the design for some days, and after finishing a doodle resembling a topographic map during our meeting, I had my answer. It’s important for designers to Get off the Computer sometimes, and just draw again.

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