How much does glassCanopy cost?

It obviously depends on the project.  But here are the basic parameters: Our minimum project size is $10k. Our hourly rates average about $150 an hour. We have competitive pricing compared to other San Francisco marketing and advertising agencies.  On any given project, we’re unlikely to be the cheapest, but we’re far from the most […]

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10 Great Websites And What Makes Them That Way

We build websites for companies that usually fall within certain parameters.  They need to be agile and easily updated.  They need to be ready to change at a moments notice as our client’s needs change.  And generally they serve a technology startup or a financial services company.  But we love to look outside our niche […]

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Does glassCanopy use Freelancers?

Yes we do and we treat them like family. Our freelancers are part of the gC group, not just folks for hire. We have a core team of writers, designers, strategists, and project managers who cover most tasks and responsibilities and bring in additional resources when the job requires it. If we need specialized expertise […]

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What is content marketing?

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what the heck content marketing actually is.  People tend to immediately drill down to tactics when asking: “What is content marketing?” Is tweeting a bunch of infographics content marketing?  What about writing white papers? How about videos?  Yes, yes, and yes, but those are all […]

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B2B Content Marketing: A How-To Guide

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