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Opening and Working with newer CS files in older CS versions.

Help! InDesign’s CC spaceship can’t fly in my prehistoric InDesign CS4! When multiple designers work on a project, particularly when working with freelancers, a common issue is compatibility with different Adobe Creative Suite (CS) versions. The latest version of CS is the Creative Cloud (CC), which is a monthly subscription based version. As CS has […]

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Social Employees: Everyone’s Job is Social Media Marketing

In these days of social media-fueled marketing, companies should expect their employees to be active users of social media — both for themselves, and as ambassadors for the company. And, likewise, employees should now see this as an inherent job requirement. Cheryl and Mark Burgess, authors of recently published, The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social […]

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glassCanopy Profile: Music in the Office

Last week, I was playing a most excellent cover of “Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down.” As it was playing, Jess overheard and asked, “Hey, is that Led Zeppelin?” To which I replied, “No, it’s by…Robert Plant.” She called Melanie over, told her what I said, and they both laughed and laughed. We spend a […]

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PPC is Boring. What’s Next?

A recent article on PPC trends caught my eye. It reports that the average CPC for paid search ads rose again across all search engines in the fourth quarter of 2013; it currently stands at $1.33. Mobile, of course, continued its inexorable rise. And Bing is once again a market-share afterthought at 15.6%.  (Thanks to The Search […]

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What’s Your Type(face)? Serif vs. Sans Serif

Now that we’ve settled the difference between Font and Typeface, let’s clear up the confusion with serif and sans serif. So, what’s your type(face)? Serif A serif typeface is identifiable by small, decorative lines attached to the end of each letter or symbol. Typically, serif typefaces are used for printed works and for body copy. […]

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HTML Drupal Tutorial 4: Fonts!

This is the fourth in a series of tutorials on using the Drupal HTML text editor to format web content. The first tutorial covered: Visual vs. text editors Making paragraphs Bolding text Italicizing text Underlining text The second tutorial covered: Creating headers Paragraph alignment Creating hyperlinks Making numbered and bulleted lists The third tutorial covered: Embedding images in content […]

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