How to Use Hashtags

Tonight part.2 #tryingnewclothes #girlsonfire #wegonnarockthis #party #dominoes #white #black… — ivanatheresiakaw (@ygyeevana) December 6, 2013 Off to work! #work #suitelifeofelikrause #hotellife #twerkinghardorhardlytwerking #selfiesunday — Eli Krause (@elijahjames123) January 12, 2014 Count ’em. That’s 6 heads. SIX! #christmasinfebrewary #soexcitedjustcanthideit — Bellwoods Brewery (@bellwoodsbeer) February 22, 2013 Everywhere you look, hashtagged social media content […]

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3 Tips for Leading a Successful Conference Call

Prepping for a conference call is much more than just scheduling an hour-long conversation; you need to be organized. You need to know the location of everything that could come up in conversation. You need to be aware of how much time you have scheduled and how quickly time is passing. And, most importantly, you […]

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Embedding YouTube Videos in WordPress

I love making my blog posts as dynamic as possible. Often, that means I want to include a video. Maybe it’s a tutorial I love, or perhaps it’s a song that’s extremely relevant to my topic. Regardless, including on-topic videos in your blog post can help you capture – and keep – your audience’s attention. […]

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Editing with Microsoft Word: Git ‘Er Done!

Anyone who’s worked extensively on copy knows how tough it can be to track the changes made to the piece, who made the changes, and when the changes were made. Luckily, Microsoft Word has some pretty nifty features that make tracking changes simple. Up in the “Review” pane of Microsoft Word 2011 and higher, there […]

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When to Send Emails

Mornings are when people are trying to sift through a deluge of emails, midday is too close to lunchtime, early afternoon risks the post-lunch coma, late afternoon is too close to quitting time, the evening is spent doing anything but work, and the deep of night might as well be a black hole. Monday’s too […]

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The scene: Me, writing a blog post for a client. I pop my head up and call to Jess, who is working diligently on something design-y. “Hey Jess, what about ex post facto?” “Huh?” “For this blog post. Ex post facto. It’s perfect. Can I get away with that?” “Daniel, is that Latin?” “Yeah. But […]

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B2B Lead Generation Strategies for Twitter

Building Relationships The power of Twitter-based marketing comes from two primary factors: its opt-in status (your audiences choose to follow you); and its setting, which focuses on brief, conversational interactions. As a lead generation tool, Twitter can help B2B marketers: Engage in real-time conversations to get feedback and drive sales Increase your connection to followers interested […]

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How Often Should A Company Send Emails?

There are two major kinds of emails companies send: Newsletters: These emails collect recent and upcoming company events, activity and updates in a regularly scheduled place. Announcements: These one-offs are for landmark events, like a new website, a product launch, a new partnership, or limited-time discounts. Newsletters are an easy way for potential customers to […]

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