Are Infographics Effective? Your Brain says “Yes”

Everyone loves a good infographic. Complex information translated into a visually compelling, easily digestible little information snack? Hard to top.

So are infographics effective? Yes. But those informative little eye candies often take a deceptive amount of time, effort, and expense to create. Why make an infographic when you could simply use a bulleted list and/or paragraphs to make your point?

Infographic About Infographics

Infographic by infolicious

We live in a time of unprecedented access to overwhelming amounts of data. You’ve heard of information overload, right? Well, here’s what happens in one second on the internet.

That, coupled with the paralysis of choice, means you can’t even buy toothpaste anymore without experiencing some serious anxiety. No longer is it a matter of choosing the best label among the five tubes on the shelf — now, you could spend hours considering the 200 variations of each brand. And let’s just hope, for your sake, you don’t need a new toothbrush, too.

Here are some other compelling reasons why an infographic might be the right choice for selling your message:

  • Much of the information coming to the brain is visual. People are more likely to comprehend statistics and facts and percentages when presented visually; they don’t always absorb or retain them as well when reading text.
  • When you can “see” data, it’s far more compelling and memorable, and your viewers are far more likely to revisit and share
  • Therefore, infographics have a higher likelihood of being shared than textual content.
  • Social media experts claim that infographics will increase traffic (10-15%) to your website and/or blog through sharing, clicking, and searches.
  • If you do a good job of branding your graphics, it will help spread your brand awareness.

Convinced? Check out these smart tips from Forbes about how to create your own infographics. But don’t get carried away – keep it simple! Check out this great piece from qunb (don’t be fooled by the title) for more tips.

Are Infographics Effective? Additional Reading.

For those interested in learning more about infographics, here are some great sources for more information. Don’t miss Edward Tufte‘s site, and we’d recommend reading his books as well.

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  • Rich Quarles February 23, 2014  

    Wow. Thanks. The info-graphic on what happens every second on the internet is especially amazing!

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