The 7 Golden Rules of SEO

SEO Best Practices

You could drive yourself crazy worrying about Google’s 200+ ranking factors for SEO, or you could just focus on writing good content that speaks to your audience, promote it wisely, and stick to these 7 golden rules of SEO:

SEO best practices

  1. Figure out your targeted keyword(s) – use Google AdWords Keyword Planner or others as a tool.
  2. Use keywords in the title, first sentence of your first paragraph, at least one heading, page’s URL, page’s meta description.
  3. Remember to include keywords in the title and, if appropriate, alternate text field of images you included.
  4. Keywords have to be repeated exactly in order to count: i.e. “marketing content” does not equal “marketing great content” or “content marketing”.
  5. Only really important meta tags are title and description.
  6. Google prioritizes the keywords in left to right order– don’t waste seo juice on things like your company’s name on the far left.
  7. Above all else, focus on creating great content; write for humans, not machines.

Are there any more SEO best practices that you would add to this list? Please feel free to include your suggestions in the comments section. We’ll post some of our favorites on our Twitter feed @glassCanopy.

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